Los Angeles’s revival and repertory movie theaters

Revival Houses

Revival Houses is a site I’d wanted to exist for years. I found myself visiting the individual theaters’ sites regularly and thought Wouldn’t it be great if all the movies were listed in one place?

The site is the product of just me and suggestions from friends; there’s no company behind it. I’m a freelance web developer professionally, and Revival Houses is one of my passion projects. I love the romance of classic theaters and having a chance to see older movies on the big screen.

My approach has been to build the kind of site I want to use, with the hope that others find it useful, too. I hope you like it.

My goals were (and remain) pretty simple:

  • Keep the movie listings current. The list of films on the homepage is updated daily. On several occasions I’ve noticed that Revival Houses has movies listed before the likes of Fandango (and never after them).
  • Provide convenience features. Such as:
    • Tell a Friend (the envelope button)—a shortcut for emailing a friend(s) about a movie;
    • Remind Me (the alarm clock button)—get a reminder email on or near a movie’s date, as you choose;
    • Links to buy tickets from a theater’s service and to read more info about a movie on a theater’s site;
    • Running the site like an app from your device’s home screen;
    • Filtering movies by theater (the “view options” button);
    • And more.
  • Make it load fast. If you’re like me, you just want to find out what movies are playing without being bombarded by junk that slows down a site. (Sorry, Moviefone.) This is especially important as more of us use mobile devices.
  • Provide value to both users and the theaters. I love that these theaters exist, and I want to drive as much traffic to them as I can.

Please feel free to reach out. I’d love to hear from you whether you like the site, think it has room for improvement, or have a feature suggestion (I apologize in advance if I don’t add it!). I’m available for contract work as well.

Thanks for visiting, and see you at the theaters!


Revival Houses
July 2017

“A revival house or repertory cinema is a cinema that specializes in showing classic or notable older films (as opposed to first run films). Such venues may include standard repertory cinemas, multi-function theatres that alternate between old movies and live events, and some first-run theatres that show past favorites alongside current independent films.”