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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting Revival Houses! I hope you find it helpful as a way of keeping up with all the great special film programming in Los Angeles.

This page describes the terms for using the site, some site features, and how data is and isn't used. I'm an advocate for web users and privacy myself, so it's important to me to provide this information upfront.


  • The list of films on the homepage is updated daily. In between updates, occasionally a movie may be listed that is sold out, has been cancelled or postponed, or whose special in-person guests have changed. For the latest details, click or tap a movie's title or poster image to be taken to the movie's page on the corresponding theater's site.


  • Most film events listed on the homepage have a “tickets” link, which points to the website the theater sells tickets through.
  • If you click or tap a “tickets” link, you will go from revivalhouses.com to the appropriate ticket sales page on another site. I may receive a tiny commission for each sale processed through Brown Paper Tickets (of the theaters featured here, only the New Beverly Cinema uses them). However, please know that none of these ticket sites or theaters ever shares your personal information with me, nor would I want them to; ticket purchases are strictly between you and them.
  • If you have any questions about tickets or if something goes wrong with a ticket purchase, please contact the appropriate ticket service or movie theater. I don't have access to their ticketing systems, so, unfortunately, I won't be able to help answer your questions.

Your Preferences

The homepage contains options to:

  • choose which theaters’ movie listings are displayed (this menu is accessible via the view options button);
  • and toggle the movie posters on or off. (The option is shown as “Show posters” on narrow browsers only.) To speed up the page and/or conserve data in your mobile data plan, this option might be particularly desirable on a mobile device that is not connected to Wi-Fi.

(Note: If you don't see these options, be sure JavaScript is enabled in your browser. You can control this via your browser's Settings or Preferences.)

As an intended convenience to you, I save your choices in your browser so you won't have to make them each time you visit the site. I do so with the localStorage browser feature, which is similar to (but not the same as) cookies. You can remove the saved localStorage information via your browser's Settings or Preferences menu option.

For example, suppose you visit the site on your phone, and click the view options button. Then you uncheck two of the theaters and the “Show posters” option. The next time you visit revivalhouses.com, the posters and the movies for those two theaters will be turned off by default as long as you hadn't cleared out your localStorage previously. However, if you then visit the site on your laptop, the choices you made on your phone will not be reflected because they are saved in each browser individually.


As noted in the previous section, I do not store information in browser cookies. However, Google’s code does when you view any of the pages about an individual theater in the Theaters section, due to the use of Google Maps to show where the theater is located. If you want to prevent Google from setting their cookies, you may disable cookies via your browser’s Settings or Preferences. (You might want to clear your cookies, too, in case there are already ones from Google stored.)

You can find other ways to block Google’s by searching online. For example, browser add-ons are available that block not only Google cookies but also other third-party content (including ads, if you desire) as you browse the web.